Awake Breast Augmenation

Awake Breast Augmenation

Awake Breast Augmentation Dallas

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The Awake Breast Aug procedure allows you to have the opportunity to have beautiful breasts yet avoid the long recovery and potential risks of a general anesthetic. It is considered one of the safest methods to augment the breasts because of the techniques’ many advantages. It is performed while you are awake with mild sedation and local anesthesia called tumescent anesthesia. Not only can you avoid general anesthesia and thus have a quicker recovery, but you also have more choices to get what you want. If you are searching for a new method to augment your breasts without being put to sleep, this may be the best breast implant procedurefor you.

Although the procedure is performed while you are awake, you still have many options for your breast augmentation. The incisions can be hidden well in a variety of ways, thus avoiding unsightly scars. You still have your choice of the type of implant you want, so both saline and silicone implants can be used. The implants can be placed above the muscle or below the muscle, depending on the unique needs of each person. Individualization is a key to breast augmentation, and Dr. True strives to provide what each woman wants.

Moreover, you are able to participate more in the final results of the procedure. Since you are awake and if you use saline implants, you will have the options to view the breasts before closing the skin. This gives you the opportunity to decide on even larger fill of the breast implants if you desire. Many women like this option to help empower them further for deciding on the breasts that they want.

Not only does breast augmentation enhance the size and beauty of your breasts, but it has also been shown to boost self esteem and self confidence. Studies have shown that women who had breast augmentation are more successful in their job and tend to be promoted more than those without breast augmentation. It is thought that this is most likely due to the improved self confidence that women have after this procedure is performed.

Our Texas cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Robert L. True is one of a very few physicians who offers Awake Breast Augmentation. He performs these in the privacy of his accredited facility, True Aesthetics Center. He wants to make sure you are very comfortable throughout the procedures, even though you’re awake. Thus, mild sedation is also provided along with the local anesthetic, which numbs the breasts so you feel no pain. You get beautiful breasts while avoiding many of the potential risks of traditional breast augmentation. Plus, he has very competitive prices so the price of breast augmentation is affordable to you.

If you have wanted to have breast augmentation but have been reluctant to do it because of fears of general anesthesia, you need not wait any longer. With these newer and more advanced techniques, you no longer need to be concerned. Alternatively, if you prefer breast augmentation while you’re asleep, of course this is also an option for you at Dr. True’s office, since he can also perform these procedures in his Triple A Accredited Surgicenter with deep sedation anesthesia using credentialed anesthesia experts when needed.

Dr. Robert L True has been a pioneer in offering Awake Breast Augmentation procedures to patients in the Dallas Fort Worth area of Texas. Located in Colleyville, TX next door to DFW airport, his office is easily accessible. His office is close to the neighboring cities of Southlake, Grapevine, HEB (Hurst, Euless, Bedford), Irving, Plano, Flower Mound, Highland Village, Arlington, Fort Worth and Dallas. To set up an appointment to find out more about this procedure or see if you’re a candidate, call Dr. True’s office today. He and his friendly and knowledgeable staff can discuss the many options you must consider to make sure you get the breasts you’ve always wanted. Call them at 817-399-8783 or fill out the Contact Us page.