Breast Implant Procedure

Breast Implant Procedure

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Breast implant surgery is one of the most common and most popular cosmetic procedures performed in the United States. Here, a women can elect to undergo a procedure that can boost her self esteem whil enlarging her under-developed boobs.

There are many reasons why so many women suffer from unsatisfactory size of her breasts. Often this smaller size is due to excessive weight loss, thus reducing the fat volume of the breasts. Even more common is after child birth and after breast feeding, her breasts just don’t regain that youthful volume she once know. As a woman ages, many times she may lose her breast volume necessitating a boost. For these and many other reasons, breast implant surgery is considered to be the best option.

Today we have many advances in medical science that allow us to have many options. There are also many different types of breast implants and implant procedures available for you. Thus, you may now choose amongst the many types of options on the basis of your body type. You and your cosmetic surgeon should discuss these options thoroughly and decide on the best plan of action based on your individual desires.

Although breast implant procedures have had their fair share of bad publicity, today, the new implants and newer procedures have made these very safe for the life of the women. In addition, newer technologies have made these procedures not only safer, but more simplified. Thus, almost anyone can undergo this surgical treatment with minimal fear about an unwanted outcome, giving them the boob implants that they have always wanted.

One newer technique that has resulted in fewer potential problems is the Awake Breast Aug procedure. Since it is performed while you’re awake, you never worry about being put to sleep or potential complications of general anesthesia. At the same time, a well trained physician who knows how to do the procedure can provide mild sedation while he/she numbs your breasts with a local anesthetic. You are comfortable and the procedure is painless yet you get beautiful results. Thus, if you want to enlarge your breast in the safest and most effective manner, these surgeries can fullfill your needs well.

There are essentially two main types of breast implants, saline or silicone implants. There are pros and cons with each which should be discussed with your cosmetic surgeon before you undergo the procedure. Saline breast implants come unfilled and can be inserted into the breasts through a small whole, then filled with sterile normal saline solution while inside the breasts. One of the advantages of the Awake Breast Aug procedure is that the woman has a choice in the size of the implant once they are inside of her breasts. She can look at the results, and if she desires a little more fill, this can be performed before the skin closure.

Silicone implants come prefilled with a silicone gel solution. The size must be predetermined according to the patient’s wishes well before the procedure is performed. Further filling after placement of the implants within the breasts is not possible. Silicone implants have the advantage of a softer more natural “feel”. However, they also may carry a higher risk of capsular contracture (where the scar tissue around the implants become quite hard). Thus, these topics should be discussed before a knowledgeable decision may be made by the patient.

There are other options regarding the styles of implants that should be discussed during the consultation. Your visit with your surgeon is very important and he/she can customize your specific treatment regimen. Thus, you must decide on a surgeon who will listen to your needs and who can tailor the procedure according to your wishes. He/she can resolve any confusion regarding breast enlargement surgery, so you should definitely get in touch with a reputable and well-experienced cosmetic surgeon who will definitely go the extra mile to clear out all your doubts.

Our preferred doctor is Dr. Robert L. True in Colleyville, TX. He has the experience and the pesonal touch to help you decide on the best breast augmentation choice for you. He also offers not only the Awake Breast Aug procedure, but can also provide the traditional type of breast implant surgery, which is performed while you’re asleep. He is personable, friendly and supportive, plus he has one of the best support staff in Texas. If you are interest in having this procedure performed, you will be glad you contacted him. Click here to get started.