Breast Implants: How it is Done

Breast Implants: How it is Done

On the basis of the patient’s desired outcome breast implant placement is done. Breast enlargement surgery can be a simple or a highly complex procedure. It has been seen that often augmentation surgery is done along with mastopexy in order to ensure that everything gets fixed up in the right place. In fact, for the betterment of the positioning the surgeon prefers to use a disposable implant. Sizers are basically temporary implants that remains fixed to a tube. It is mainly used by the surgeon to fill up to test placement, fill levels and implant size. Once this procedure gets over, the sizer is taken out and replaced with a permanent implant.

The entire breast implant procedure can be divided into different sections, carefully going through which a surgeon is able to satisfy his patient. Though in the above paragraph we have discussed about a breast enlargement process but usually, this process of breast augmentation differs on the basis of the patient’s requirement. Sometimes, in this surgical treatment inflatable implants are used, whereas, sometimes pre-filled implants are induced for getting the best outcome.

This surgery is mainly done for satisfying the women, whose breasts have lost their attractiveness after weight loss or pregnancy. In fact, women having small breasts also show their inclination towards undergoing breast enlargement surgery. According to survey records, it has been found out that plastic surgeons prefer to use one of the four below mentioned incision type for the insertion of the implant into the breast:

Inframammary Fold

So, what are you thinking off!! If you are not satisfied with the shape and size of your breast then just get in touch with a well-reputed plastic surgeon and take his suggestion before undergoing this entire process or a carefree attitude regarding this matter may trap you into undesirable circumstances.

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