FAQs on Breast Implants

Awake Breast Augmentation FAQs

How do you perform the procedure?

The procedure should be performed in an accredited surgicenter. After arrival to the center, you are given a mild sedative and then tumescent anesthetic fluid is administered. Small incisions are made, preferably in hidden areas, and the breasts are prepared for the procedure. The implants are then inserted and adjusted. Because you are awake during the procedure, you are thus able to look at your new breasts during the procedure. You can then decide if want more fluid added to give you larger breasts, if saline implants are chosen.

How do you make numb the breasts?

Tumescent fluid is used to numb the breasts. Not only does this provide excellent anesthesia so the procedure can be performed without pain, but it also decreases the risks of developing infections and decreases the risk of bleeding problems. Using a gentle stream of water to numb the breasts also helps in the dissection of the breasts. Called hydrodissection, it results in a more gentle separation of the tissues of the breast. Thus, it has been suggested that it is the best method for performing the augmentation of the breasts.

Where are the incisions?

Incisions for Awake Breast Aug can be in the fold just below the breasts, in the axillary area, or in and around the areola. All these incisions are made in such a fashion to try to “hide” the incision, i.e. to make it minimally noticeable when the patient is standing. A less commonly used incision, the belly button incision, usually requires deeper sedation and cannot be performed easily while awake. However, most women prefer one of the former types of incisions.

Are the implants placed above the muscle or below the muscle?

With Awake Breast Aug, the implants can be placed underneath the muscle or above the muscle and the choice dependent on many variables. The best choice for you can only be ascertained after a thorough exam. These options can be discussed during your consultation. Choosing the best option for you to give your breasts the best look possible is the goal and is unique for each woman.

What type of implants can be used?

There are basically two types of implants that can be used for breast augmentation. Saline and Silicone. Each has its own risks and benefits which can be discussed during the consultation. Either one can be used during Awake Breast Aug. In addition, natural augmentation can be performed while you are awake, which utilizes your own fat to enhance the size and shape of your breasts. All these options should be discussed and considered before undergoing the procedure.

What are the pros and cons of Saline vs. Silicone implants?

The biggest difference between the saline and silicone implants is the way they “feel”. The touch of silicone is much softer than the saline; however the newer saline implants are indeed soft too; just not as soft as the silicone. Most people say the appearance, or “look”, is the same regardless of which one you use. There are differences in the length of incisions needed, capsular contraction rates, and other factors that might influence your decision.

How big can I go with breast implants?

Size of the implants is a very personal manner. We believe that each woman should choose the size appropriate for them and their wishes. Many women want to be very conservative and get just a “minimal” enhancement. However, keep in mind that the number one “wish” most women have after breast augmentation is “I wish I had gone bigger.” At our office, we encourage patients to try on different sizes, look at themselves in the mirror with the different sizes, and decide which is best for her.

What is “capsular contraction” and how can that influence my decision?

Once implants are placed within your breasts, your body normally forms a thin “capsule” around them. If this capsule gets thick and then contracts, if can become very hard and actually deform the shape of the breasts. Called a capsular contraction, this disfiguring situation is a problem. It seems to be less of a problem with saline implants than silicone, and newer technologies have decreased these rates even further. Overall, the incidence for saline is usually less than 5%, but may be 5% to 15% for silicone. The incidence also varies depending on the technique, position placement, and continued maintenance after the procedure is performed.

Is there an increased risk of autoimmune diseases with implants?

Twenty years ago, it was thought that silicone implants caused autoimmune disease. However, further research proved this statement to be false, and there is no increased incidence of autoimmune diseases with silicone (nor saline) implants.

Where is the procedure performed?

Awake Breast Augmentation is performed in our accredited surgicenter in Colleyville. We can thus provide breast enhancements for women who live in and around the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex area. Our desire is to offer to patients a very comfortable environment where they can have their breast augmentation procedure performed in a center that has fulfilled the safety requirements and standards of care of one of the most prestigious accreditation associations of the United States, AAAHC.

What happens post operatively after Awake Breast Aug?

Since tumescent anesthesia is used for the procedure, you will enjoy the benefit of continued numbness of the breasts for up to 6 to 8 hours after the procedure. The amount of pain you will experience is extremely variable, dependent on each individual woman. We have many options for postoperative pain relief and these will be discussed preoperatively. You will be seen regularly so we can make sure all is going well. Dr. True makes sure he is available for all his patients if necessary. Usually, he will give you his cell phone number in case you must contact him.

Is this procedure the same as Smart Breast Aug?

Awake Breast Aug is also called Smart Breast Aug. Why? Because it is incorporates almost all the best methods of doing breast augmentation, so it is the smartest way to do breast augmentation. It is performed while you’re awake, thus avoiding potential anesthetic risks. The most appropriate hidden incision is used, according to your desires. You pick the size your want the breasts to be, even while the procedure is being performed. It utilizes gentle hydrodissection during the procedure. The placement of the implants is variable dependent on your lifestyle. There are many more advantages that can be discussed during your consultation.

How do I get started to see if I want Awake Breast Aug?

The best way to find out if you’re a candidate or to learn more about Awake Breast Aug is to call our office at 817-399-8783 and schedule a consultation with our doctor, Dr. Robert True. He and his staff are very friendly, personable and knowledgeable about the procedure. They will help you decide the best option to fit your individual desires and needs.