Silicone Implants – An Effective Way to Enhance your Under-Developed Breast

Since the year 1963 modern silicone breast implant is available but it underwent a constant evolution of change as well as improvement. Silicone rubber shell can be double or single, textured or smooth, polyurethane foam-covered or barrier-coated. Basically silicone implants remain staffed with silicone gel and are made with silicone casing. It is believed that silicone boob implants are more popular due to its natural feel and look. Since it adheres to the natural boob’s contour these implants remain unnoticeable.

When it comes to the problem of leakage silicone breast implant proves to be better than the other implants. It has been observed that silicone breast implant can take several months before the patient can actually notice the leakage. Since silicone breast implants are staffed with silicone prior to the surgical procedure larger incisions are needed for its placement.

Silicone implants remain available in the circular, anatomic as well as in round-shape. However, before going for this breast implant procedure, surgeons usually give importance to certain factors including breast architecture (size, symmetry, body proportion) and anomalies. On the other hand, size of the silicone breast implant depends on the number of existing breast tissue, chest size, breast skin envelop etc. After considering these factors, if a surgery is done, it is expected to give better result. In fact, silicone implants do not usually lose its volume with the course of time and also do not make any sound during the physical activities.

There will be nothing wrong to say that in today’s world silicone is one of the most studied implantable materials. It is safe and offers full comfort to the users. So, if you think that your breast needs to be enlarged then you can go for this option. But before finalizing the decision it is always advisable to consult with the well-known plastic surgeons.

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