Breast Implants Video

Breast Augmentation Video

Breast Augmentation is a surgical treatment which enhances the form and size of a woman’s breasts. Through this surgery, smaller breast sizes can be corrected to give a woman the beautiful breasts that she desires. There are essentially two types of  boob implants that acheive the best results. These are saline or silicone implants. Sometimes a breast lift must also be performed for those who have sagging breasts. Each woman has unique differences and is a special case  needing customized treatments.  Watch our demo video for the awake breast implant procedure.


All options are discussed thoroughly before the procedure can be undertaken by the doctor. Although complications from the procedure are rare, they are even rarer nowadays due to the advancement of medical science making it one of the safest procedures. This is partly due to the use of tumescent anesthesia and the Awake Breast Aug procedure. Moreover, the cost of breast implant surgery has also become more affordable so almost anyone can afford to have this breast enlargement treatment.